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Kindled Podcast | Truth and Grace, Boldly

Jul 29, 2019

We all have dreams. Whether recognized or verbalized or even understood by our hearts, we have desires, hope, aspirations and fears. 


Today I'm chatting with Merritt Onsa, host of the Devoted Dreamers podcast, about her God-shaped dream and how it has looked different, especially in this season of mothering, from what she originally thought. We talk about how the good we often hope to do for others, God intends for us as well. How we can take a "Fear Inventory" to uncover what really lies beneath the things we think we are afraid of, or are keeping us stuck. We talk about how our identity being rooted in Christ is the only hope we have of not being held down by fear, enslaved by unrealized dreams or hopes and how it's not really about "the dream" at the end of the day. It's about Jesus and how HE is enough. How HE loves us and sees us as worthy of rejoicing over. Zeph. 3:17. 


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